Corporate Wellness

Mobile X-Rays

How does it work?

For your convenience, we will visit you at your location, to carry out the examination. All diagnostic procedures are done on-site and a total of between 80 to 100 x-rays can be taken in an 8 hour day with the mobile x-ray unit.

Through our partnerships our services include but are not limited to physical medical examinations, audiometry, pneumoconiosis screening,eye tests, lab tests, spirometry and audiometry. We provide an on-site comprehensive solution which not only limits downtime but also fully satisfies occupational health requirements to a thoroughly monitored high standard.

We eliminate the employer’s difficulties associated with employee travel to off-site locations, minimize employee time away from the job and maximize employee participation in the programs being offered with minimal disruption to your facility’s process. The on-site service and its inherent time flexibility, in turn minimize downtime and perpetuates company efficiency whilst achieving occupational health and safety objectives.

Patient Information